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Published on2021-01-11Views:6
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A Compilation of Classics: 2019 Research on Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts' Calligraphy Collection

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Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts
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The four following esteemed scholars were invited to comment on the works featured in the museum’s special calligraphy collection. Yu-chou Li (Visiting Professor, Department of Painting and Calligraphy Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts), Dr. Yao-ching Tsai (National Museum of History), Szu-hsien Li (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Tunghai University / Director, Taiwan Arts Research Center), and Ting-ching Lu (Professor, College of Design, Shih Chien University). As of the end of 2019, the museum’s calligraphy collection consists of 156 pieces created by 69 calligraphers. Including artists crossing the sea, such as Chih-pan Ting, Yu-jen Yu, Chuang-wei Wang, Chao-Tsai Li, Han-tsao Liang, Chi-chuan Chen, Chuan-fu Fu, and Tsung-an Hsieh, as well as artists from the newer generation, for instance, Tung-sheng Yu and Chi-lin Wu. Chen-pai Tsang, Han-tsao Liang, and Chun-ying Huang are the most prolific of them all, together accounting for 68 pieces in the collection. Beginning with the museum’s special calligraphy collection, Professor Yu-chou Li spoke about four works by Chih-pan Ting, Chuang-wei Wang, and Lung-yen Chang, all three of whom are artists that came to Taiwan from Mainland China after 1949. He analyzed and compared the development of their individual calligraphy styles. Dr. Yao-ching Tsai chose to discuss Chen-pai Tsang, the artist with the most works in the museum’s collection. He used Tseng’s more prominent cursive script pieces to discuss the artist’s life and the history of cursive script. Director Szu-hsien Li touched on the literary and artistic qualities of the existing calligraphic works and delivered a discourse on the aesthetic as well as era significance of the museum’s collection. Professor Ting-ching Lu explicated the works of Chin-yin Sung, Han-tsao Liang, and Chuan-fu Fu, focusing on the pieces in TMoFA’s calligraphy collection. These distinguished scholars chose to introduce the museum’s special collection from their unique perspectives and areas of expertise, touching upon important topics within the history of the calligraphic arts.

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