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The Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts (TMoFA), an upcoming cultural marker, is an institution with multiple venues consisting of one main museum and three subsidiary art centers. The main art museum is located in the Qingpu area of Zhongli District, and the three subsidiary art centers are the Taoyuan Children's Art Center, the Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center, and the Chunglu Art Center.

The architectural design and landscaping of the Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts combines aquatic views and green zones, with history and culture integrated. The design echoes with the regional features of Taoyuan, a city that is known as the Land of a Thousand Ponds. Applying its diverse functions, the museum is going to link the heart of the city with its communities and form local and international ties. With Taoyuan as its foundation and together with an international outlook and a vision for the future, TMoFA is going to serve as a driving force for the promotion of art and become a dynamic base for innovative experimentation and cultural development.

TAOYUAN Children’s Art Center
December 2020 Construction of the main building commenced
April 2024 Inaugurated

Taoyuan Children’s Art Center located in Qingpu is connected with the Main Museum via the elevated corridor. The exhibition halls are situated on the 1st and 2nd floors. The workshop and art library for children and adolescents are located on the 3rd floor. On the basis of children’s participation, Taoyuan Children’s Art Center employs the modern/contemporary art as its theme. Through art exhibition, performance, education and promotion, interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement, and professional research, it facilitates children to experience art and life as well as cultivates the critical thinking ability, openness, and social participation and practice of children and adolescents. Furthermore, it fosters a friendly environment to expose families to art and culture, putting children’s right to cultural participation into practice.

Taoyuan Children’s Art Center (Bade)

Inaugurated in January 2018 (on the 5th floor of Landmark Life Plaza in the Bade District) The Children’s Art Center in service at Landmark Life Plaza has an exhibition space on 5F. Dedicated to children and adolescents, the Children’s Art Center inspires their creativity and imagination via the planning of thematic exhibitions and promotional activities, so that children and adolescents can explore and even discover themselves amidst art

Inaugurated on 22 October 2021 

The Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center (HCAC) is the first modern/contemporary art museum themed with calligraphy art in Taiwan. The HCAC carries the vital mission to preserve, research, develop, and promote calligraphy in Taiwan. Its aim is to establish a base for calligraphy research and education, shape local art and cultural features, expand international calligraphy exchanges, and construct a hub for the development of calligraphy art in Asia. The architectural design has been awarded the first prize in the 2022 Taiwan Residential Architecture Award and the gold prize in the 2022 FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards.

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