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LibraryVisitor Information

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The Taoyuan Children’s Art Center, currently located in Kwong Fong Plaza, Bade district, includes the exhibition area on the 5th floor and the library on the 6th floor. Originally run by Taoyuan Public Library, it’s collection is focused on children’s picture books. It became part of Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts since 1/1, 2018.

In 2020, Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts established “Art Library”on the 6th floor of Taoyuan Children’s Art Center, exhibiting Chinese and foreign art books, exhibition catalogues, and art periodicals, as future collections of the museum that will be located in QingPu. The books of Art Library can only be read inside the library.


Taoyuan Children’s Art Center Library Visitor Information and Regulations

1. Open hours:10:00-21:00, Tuesday to Saturday; 10:00-17:00, Sunday (closed on Monday, the last Thursday every Month, and national holidays.)

2. Please keep quiet and maintain the cleanness of environment. Smoking, eating, drinking (except for water and liquid in closed bottles or containers, or in specified areas), noise-making, unreasonably occupying empty seats or any other disturbing behaviors are not allowed in the library. Parents can only read for children in the family area. Pets (except for guide dogs) and dangerous items are not allowed in the library. Commercial activities are forbidden. Please turn off the sound of cell phones or other telecommunication equipment.

3. The visitors whose behaviors are detrimental to the quietness and the rights of other people are not allowed in the library. Kids under 6 years old or those requiring special treatments should be accompanied by their caregivers.

4. If groups conduct non-reading activities without the library staff’s permission, the staff can stop these activities.

5. Please take care of your expensive items, private books, electrical equipment, book bags, hand bags and any other private items. The library will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

6. Visitors should make application before taking photographs of the library.

7. Please follow the instruction of library staff in case of emergency.

8. The library can install network surveillance, management software and surveillance cameras in order to maintain public safety.

9. The visitors who violates the regulations or ignore the advice of library staff will be asked to leave or be suspended; in case of severe circumstances, the library will call the police.

10. Please treat the books, periodicals, and non-paper materials with care. If any damage, including annotating, marking, drawing, staining, tearing pages, or folding pages, has been found, the user has to compensate in accordance with the original price of the damaged material or the appraisal valuated by the library staff. The ways of compensation are as follows:

a. Books and periodicals:

I. One should compensate for the loss of TMOFA library by a new book or a periodical after having the approval of the library. (If the damaged material is originally printed and release in other countries, the compensated one should be offered in accordance with the original issue country. The reprinted edition in Taiwan would not be accepted.)

II. As for reparation in cash, the ways of valuation are as follows:

i. Chinese books should be compensated according to the sale price. Items in the case marked with “basic sale price” shall be fined 50 times the amount of the price tag.

ii. Foreign-language materials with foreign currency price tag should be compensated according to the exchange rate on the day of reparation.

III. The ways of valuation for donated books or periodicals are as follows:

i. The reference prices offered by the booksellers will be the standard of the reparation.

ii. If there is no reference for the prices, it will be 200 NTD for each book.

IV. One volume in a book series would be charged at the average price per book in the volume.

V. Photocopied version (double-side photocopied and hard-backed) with the approval of Library will be allowed if the damaged ones are not for sale.

VI. If there are any copies for the damaged materials in Library collection, related materials with Library’s approval as compensation are accepted.

b. Video and Audio Materials:

I. Chinese materials should be compensated at the original price.

II. Foreign-language materials with foreign currency price tag should be compensated according to the exchange rate on the day of reparation.

III. If the material is produced by TMOFA, the fare of materials should be paid accordingly.

c. Procedure of Compensation:

The user who damages the material should finish the procedure of compensation before the deadline after receiving the notification sent by Library. Library will notify General Department of TFAM and arrange the payment if the compensation is in cash.

11. Photocopying should follow the Copyright Act and other related laws. Illegal reproducing, selling, and publication are not allowed.

12. The collection of Art Library can only be read inside the library.


Family Film Area Information:

Please bring a form of ID (ID card, drive license, health ID card, citizen card, library card) to the circulation desk. You can take it back when returning the DVD.

Please fill out the pre-order form, including the full name and the phone number. If the call is unanswered or the reader doesn’t arrive in five minutes after the call, the pre-order will be canceled.

Only DVDs of the public presentation edition can be watched in the library. DVDs of the home edition should be watched at home after borrowing from the library.

The family film area stops providing service after 8pm, Monday to Saturday, and after 4:30 pm on Sunday.


*The library does not provide application service for the citizen card. Please go to the city affairs offices and Taoyuan Public Library.

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