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Taoyuan Children's Art Center

Open: 09:30-17:00, Wednesday to Monday

Closed: Tuesday and others subject to announcement

  1. Children must be accompanied by parents and should not be left unattended.
  2. Food and beverages are not permitted in the Children Art Center.
  3. No eating or drinking in the exhibition halls.
  4. Please follow the guidance provided by on-site staff and TCAC instructions.
  5. Flash photography and equipment such as tripods and selfie sticks are prohibited.
  6. Dangerous items are not allowed inside the TCAC. Please place long umbrellas (except for assistive devices) in the umbrella stand.
  7. Wearing roller skates or using skateboards, bicycles, or strollers inside the TCAC is prohibited.
  8. Large luggage or travel bags are not permitted inside the TCAC.
  9. Pets are not allowed inside the TCAC (guide dogs excepted).
  10. Smoking is prohibited throughout the TCAC.
  11. Please be respectful of the visiting experience of others. You will be liable for any damage to artworks or injuries to visitors.
  12. The epidemic prevention regulations in force at the Center are subject to the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center in the event of an epidemic.

Application for Photo-/Video-shooting outside of Taoyuan Children’s Art Center
An online application via the “Reservation and Application” (Apply here) on the official website of TMoFA is required for all photo-/video-shooting 10 working days prior to date of shooting. Please refer to and abide by the application directions.

Admission Tickets to Taoyuan Children’s Art Center
TypePrice (NT$/Person)For
Regular Ticket 100 Individuals aged between 18 to 64.
Concession 50
  1. Registered citizens of Taoyuan City or individuals with their Taoyuan Citizen Cards.
  2. with aged 18 and over
  3. Military, police, and firefighters.
  4. Volunteers at an educational or cultural institution.
Group 60 (Adults)
30 (Concessions)
20 persons or more in the same group purchasing the same type of ticket.
Free Admission
  1. Individuals under the age of 18.
  2. Individuals aged 65 or above.
  3. Individuals with disabilities and a guardian or one necessary accompanying person.
  4. Individuals holding a low-income household certificate of Taoyuan City.
  5. Individuals that lead a tour group and hold a tour guide license issued by the Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C.
  6. Individuals presenting a membership card of International Council of Museums (ICOM), American Alliance of Museums (AAM), or Chinese Association of Museums (CAM).
  7. Volunteers presenting their Honorary Volunteer Service Cards.
  8. Public/Private schools of all levels, or the art-related departments in collages/universities, in Taoyuan City that book their visits to and are approved by TCAC for the purpose of off-campus education or academic exchange.
  9. Groups of 10 or more citizens of Taoyuan City or individuals with their Taoyuan Citizen Cards that book their visits to and are approved by TCAC.
  10. Agencies (Institutions) of governments at all levels or groups related to art or culture that organize art-related activities and book their visits to and are approved by TCAC.
  11. The duration of move-in/out for an exhibition at  TCAC or the anniversary of TCAC, or special occasions like art festival, International Museum Day or other art-related activities, which are declared free admission by TCAC.


  1. Individuals that have purchased discount tickets or are free to admission are required to present relevant documents to validate their identities to enjoy the service.
  2. The tickets listed in the table above do not include the tickets sold for special exhibitions in partnership with private entities.

Reserved guided tours
During the soft opening, we do not provide group tour bookings or scheduled tours. If there are any needs for visits of honored guests, please contact our Extension Education Division at 03-2868668, extension 8013 for Mr. Chiou, or extension 8003 for Mr. Huang .

Audio Guide
Scan the QR-Codes of the selected works in the exhibition with a mobile phone for the audio guide service and listen to the introduction to the current exhibition and appreciation of the artwork.

Address:No. 100, Daren Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
Public Transportation
By Bus
HSR (South) Wende Rd. Intersection: Take Route L605 or L605A to the stop and walk for 2 minutes.
Qingtangyuan: Take Route L207,L207A or 217 to the stop and walk for 6 minutes.
By Taoyuan Airport MRT
A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station: Exit the station and walk for 6 minutes.
By Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)
Taoyuan Station Exit 7: Exit the station and walk for 20 minutes.
By Car

Take National Freeway No.2 (Airport Line) and exit at Dazhu Interchange (to Qingpu). Drive along Gaotie S. Rd to reach TCAC.
Parking facilities are available around TCAC.

map of HCAC

Exhibition halls on 1F and 2F, international conference hall, library, lavatories, nursing rooms, and drinking fountains are available at TCAC.

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