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Taoyuan Children's Art Center(QingPu)

09:30-17:00, Wednesday to Monday

Tuesday, national holidays, and others subject to announcement

  1. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or chew betel nuts or gums, or bring food or beverage into the Center.
  2. No pet is allowed, except for guide dogs.
  3. Do not run, play, or litter.
  4. Deposit large items or luggage in the lockers.
  5. Do not use the electricity and relevant equipment of the Center.
  6. Do not touch or sabotage any exhibit or facility.
  7. Any child under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  8. Do not go bare-chested or wear undershirt, indoor slippers, or disheveled clothing for your visit to the Center.
  9. Except for otherwise stated, appropriate photo-taking of artworks is open in principle, provided that no flashlight and tripod are used.
  10. Notice for photo-/video-shooting:
    1. Video-shooting, selfie sticks, tripods, and flashlight are strictly prohibited in an exhibition.
    2. Please comply with the instructions on the copyright signs of the works in the exhibition and stop shooting photographs or videos if there is a sign of No Photo/Video-shooting.
    3. Do not occupy or clutter any entrances or corridors with personal belongings.
    4. Please keep the passages clear on the principle of no interference with the passing, appreciation, and access of visitors.
    5. Please avoid shooting photographs or videos of other visitors and obtain necessary consent in advance in consideration of the rights of the individuals involved (e.g. portrait rights).
    6. Use of the electricity and relevant equipment of the Center is strictly prohibited.
    7. The Center may request any visitor to stop photo-/video-shooting immediately should any of the following circumstances arises:
      1. Photo-/Video-shooting out of commercial purposes without a prior application and approval;
      2. Use of selfie sticks, tripods, or flashlight;
      3. Content of shooting in potential violation of the laws and regulations, public order, or good customs, or involving campaigns for the elections of president, vice president, or public officials of the central or local governments, or activities of political parties;
      4. Serious interference with the visiting routes, order, safety, and health in the exhibition;
      5. Damage to the equipment of the facility or to the safety of visitors in the process of photo-/video-shooting;
      6. Any other circumstances determined by the Center to be inappropriate.
  11. The epidemic prevention regulations in force at the Center are subject to the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center in the event of an epidemic.
Admission Tickets to Taoyuan Children’s Art Center
TypePrice (NT$/Person)For
Regular Ticket 100 Individuals aged between 18 to 64
Concession 50
  1. Registered citizens of Taoyuan City or individuals with their Taoyuan Citizen Cards
  2. School students, or international students, aged 18 and over
  3. Military, police, and firefighters
  4. Volunteers at an educational or cultural institution
Group 60 (Adults)
30 (Concessions)
20 persons or more in the same group purchasing the same type of ticket
Free Admission
  1. Individuals under the age of 18
  2. Individuals aged 65 or above
  3. Individuals with disabilities and a guardian or one necessary accompanying person
  4. Individuals holding a low-income household certificate of Taoyuan City
  5. Individuals that lead a tour group and hold a tour guide license issued by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC
  6. Individuals presenting a membership card of International Council of Museums (ICOM), American Alliance of Museums (AAM), or Chinese Association of Museums (CAM)
  7. Volunteers presenting their Honorary Volunteer Service Cards
  8. Public/Private schools of all levels, or the art-related departments in collages/universities, in Taoyuan City that book their visits to and are approved by Taoyuan Children’s Art Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) for the purpose of off-campus education or academic exchange
  9. Groups of 10 or more citizens of Taoyuan City or individuals with their Taoyuan Citizen Cards that book their visits to and are approved by the Center
  10. Agencies (Institutions) of governments at all levels or groups related to art or culture that organize art-related activities and book their visits to and are approved by the Center
  11. The duration of move-in/out for an exhibition at the Center or the anniversary of the Center, or special occasions like art festival, International Museum Day or other art-related activities, which are declared free admission by the Center
  1. Individuals that have purchased discount tickets or are free to admission are required to present relevant documents to validate their identities to enjoy the discount.
  2. The tickets listed in the table above do not include the tickets sold for special exhibitions in partnership with private entities.
  1. Regular Guided Tour
    The regular guided tour is available at 15:00 during opening hours on Saturday and Sunday, in line with the respective exhibitions of the Center, with no prior reservation needed. The content of the guided tour encompasses introduction to the respective exhibition and artwork appreciation.
  2. Group Tour
    Participants|10-30 people in a group
    Application|Please make the reservation online 7 days prior to the visiting date via the “Reservation & Application” (Apply here) on the official website of TMoFA.
    Sessions|09:40-12:00 and 13:30-16:00​, Monday, Wednesday to Friday

The abovementioned guided tour services are adjusted on a rolling basis subject to the epidemic and the exhibitions of the Center. Please refer to Latest News and contents on the official website of TMoFA.

Address: No. 90, Section 2, Gaotie S. Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City
Public Transportation
By Bus High Speed Rail South Wende Road Intersection: Take Route L605A Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital or L605 THSR Taoyuan Station and go on foot for about 2 minutes after getting of the bus.
Qingtang Park: Take Route L207 Purple Line or L207A, and go towards the direction of Section 2, Gaotie S. Road on foot for about 6 minutes after getting of the bus.
Linghang N. Minquan intersection: Take Route 210 and go on Yongping Street towards the direction of Qingtang Park after getting of the bus.
By Taoyuan Airport MRT A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station: Go on foot for about 6 minutes after exiting the station.
By Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)Make transfer at THSR Taoyuan Station to A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station and go on foot for about 6 minutes after exiting the station.
By Car

Northbound/Southbound|Go through the Dazhu Interchange on the National Freeway No. 2 (bound for Qingpu & THSR) to the neighborhood of Qingtang Park by Section 2 of Gaotie S. Road, and there you are.
Public parking spaces and other parking lots are available around the Center.

Exhibition halls on 1F and 2F, international conference hall, library, light food spaces, lavatories, nursing rooms, and drinking fountains are available at the Center.

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