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Published on2020-12-12Views:39
spring poetry poster

Spring Poetry-TMoFA x NPM Calligraphic Art Interactive Exhibition

2020/12/18 - 2021/02/28
Taoyuan Children’s Art Center No. 728, Sec. 1, Jieshou Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City

Spring Poetry presented by TMoFA x NPM welcomes the advent of spring with poetry and calligraphy!


Spring, the first of four seasons, brings sun and rains alternatively as well as infinite muses to poets. Combing through the classical poetry, one may find spring a common theme for creativity, for the romantic springtime expresses moods. Besotted by Flower Vapors in the collection of the National Palace Museum (NPM) is a work produced by the poet Huang Ting-Jian to convey his mood as he entered his middle age via the scene upon receiving flowers in exchange for a poem during the springtime, while the quality calligraphic work of ink reflects the bond between literati. In the other NPM collection, The Cold Food Observance, Su Shi of the Sung Dynasty depicted the scene of flowers inflicted by the rains, in which the melancholic mood of a poet flows in his words of ink. The two collection of calligraphy were taken as inspiration for the production of digital animations to represent the moods of poets during the springtime.


The two digital animations inspired by The Cold Food Observance and Besotted by Flower Vapors in the NPM collection are taken as points of departure, combined with poetry, calligraphic art, interactive installations, and new media of digital technology. Along with the calligraphic art collection of Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts (TMoFA), poets Kuan Kuan and Maniniwei, calligrapher Lin Szu-Yu, installation artist Huang Mei-Hui, new media artist Tsai Bing-Hua, animator LC Wang, and Zone Sound Creative that excels at sound art are invited to engage an interdisciplinary collaboration, so that the emotions and imagination between words in poetry can stand out vividly for visitors to savor in person.


In the exhibition, Yu Kwang-Chung’s Incessant Spring Rain written by Lin Szu-Yu, combined with an interactive sound installation, becomes an ”audio calligraphy”; the children’s poem and illustration by Maniniwei is transformed into an animation; the digital kinetic installation of Tsai Bing-Hua allows visitors to simply wave their hands to enjoy the fun of words and the structural aesthetics in Zang Zhen-Bai’s Poem in Oracle Bone Script through their postural interactions; the colorful soft sculpture by Huang Mei-Hui, inspired by poet Kuan Kuan’s The Nose of Spring, portrays the smiling flowers in spring; Seals from Ch'ao-Shih Dwelling by Luo De-Shing carves out the marks of spring in the form of seal cutting. In the Interactive Experience Area, a scented tree of flower is created in echo with Besotted by Flower Vapors. Visitors, young and old, can write postcards of flowers after breathing in the fragrance and leave a poem as a gift in return to TMoFA. There is also a blank sheet of long scroll for visitors to leave their marks as a collective work of calligraphy. The exhibition shall arouse an array of visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory experiences in visitors, young and old. Welcome to pay a visit to Taoyuan Children’s Art Center to compose a poem of spring!


NPM Selection: New media animations of The Cold Food Observance and Besotted by Flower Vapors

Artists/Poets (in Chinese surname stroke order): YU Kwang-Chung, LIN Szu-Yu, Maniniwei, HUANG Mei-Hui, Kuan Kuan, ZANG Zhen-Bai, LUO De-Shing

Interactive Design: TSAI Bing-Hua, Zone Sound Creative

Animation: LC WANG

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